Pasha Stinson Stone Sculptor

I am an artist specializing in abstract stone sculpture, living and working in Portland, Oregon. Presently, my work is shown at Gallery 903 in the heart of the Pearl District, a great venue for national and international art. I’ve had the good fortune to exhibit in galleries in the Western U.S., Europe and Japan. Participating in stone carving symposiums in Europe, the United States and New Zealand has honed my skills and allowed me to share creative synergy with other artists. Granite and basalt with their igneous origins and strong character are my favorite materials. Why abstract forms? Sculpting abstract shapes allows the unique artistic expression of the artist to be open to each viewer’s personal interpretation, making a connection with the piece. The most important thing, for me, in making art is to be part of the process from beginning to end. Sketching, sculpting models, carving maquettes, cutting chiseling, flaming, texturing and polishing the stone, it’s all my own work. Knowing the life story of a piece and the energy that goes into it is important.-Pasha Stinson